Our Mission

We provide a world-acclaimed music and performing arts curriculum that educates, motivates and builds character in boys through unparalleled opportunities for performance, leadership, travel and community service.


Countless Songs, One Voice.

The All-American Boys Chorus is founded on the belief that boys have the potential for greatness. It is remarkable to consider a child in this way but we know it to be true.

With training and determination, a boy’s voice produces a unique sound of unparalleled beauty that has been used for over a thousand years to entertain, uplift and inspire.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunities

It is remarkable to consider that only boys possess this extraordinary gift, but perhaps even more remarkable when one considers that they possess it only briefly.

For a narrow window of time, a boy’s voice can be harnessed to uplift those who hear it and enhance the life of him who possesses it.

Making Beautiful Sound Waves

From The Pacific To The Atlantic And Beyond

The discipline he learns in honing and executing his craft, together with new friendships and unique performance opportunities, brings about life-changing and life-enhancing experiences. A boy who learns to sing well is a boy who understands the connection between hard work and success, between application and reward. And when his journey as a boy singer is over, he will carry with him memories, experiences, skills, and friendships that will serve him the rest of his life.